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Why I Love Talking Dirty To You Back to Blogs

Getting verbally naughty is one of those things that I enjoy the most….it just turns me on and gets me wet so fast. Regardless of it being sexting or emails, it always leads to a private show on Skype of MFC; if you have never been lucky enough to go through this with me…well, let’s just say you are missing out big time. Dirty talking is seriously fun for me - hot, sexy language arouses me and makes the whole experience that much more exciting.

Let me tell you about one of my favorite experiences on MFC.  A very kind and generous gentleman took me into a private show. He spent hours talking dirty to me…what a rare treat! It was the best show ever - role playing really got me going and my juices flowing. Usually I am the one doing all the crazy dirty talking but I realized that it turns me on even more when a man talks dirty to me!  Here is some of what went down…you decide for yourself how you feel about it.


My Best MFC Show Ever

He always got upset with me for not obeying him. He tells me that I need a spanking and that I should do what he asks of me without hesitation.  “Just lie back and let me make you cum,” he would say to me following up with “You taste so girl, I really need to fuck you now”

I told him you could have me anyway you wanted me, doggy style with my sweet little ass up in the air and my long black hair twisted in your fist, missionary so you can feel my huge breasts against your chest as you slide in and out of me or even from the side so you can fill me up with every inch of that big black dick of yours.  “Look how ready I am,” I said to him. “Don’t you want to put your thick cock in my tiny little Asian pussy?” I wanted him so badly and wished he were in my room with me so I could feel his big black dick in my hands.  I wanted so bad to stroke and suck it at the same time.  I could not stop thinking about how great that cock would feel deep inside me.

We came together twice that night, I still think about him every now and again wondering to myself; what would he be like in the flesh? Would that big black cock fill me up completely, would it hurt, would he go slow or would he pound my pussy until I begged him stop. I guess I will never know…

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