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The Weirdest Places I've Had Sex, and The First Time I Ever Masturbated Back to Blogs

I have always been pretty skittish when it comes to sexual encounters. I usually worry, and I usually expect too much. I never thought that trying something different would be so exciting.


The Weirdest Places I’ve Had Sex

It happened with my boyfriend in college. We went out to dinner one night and I remember leaving dinner with a huge shopping bag full of food we didn't finish. We were walking through the park back to my place. I couldn’t stop myself and ended up having sex with him behind a tree. Stand up position with lots of oral fixations - it felt great to be pressed from behind. 

This was one of my better sexual encounters. Maybe it was because it was so out of the ordinary. The moment started quickly, it was not contrived, and this led to me really giving it my all. Also, the moment was so different from the conventional “going back to someone's place and getting it on” that it was a bit refreshing. 

Have you ever had sex in an elevator? Let me tell you about my experience. I remembered exactly what happened that day. I was dating this guy for few months we were taking an elevator ride late at night. I moved toward him, edging him toward the wall of the elevator. I tilted his head back and grabbed his hair. I leaned up and kissed him long and hard. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and bit my lip, pulling me closer to him by my waist. Pressed up against his body, I could feel his erection growing. I could already tell it was impressive, just like the rest of him.

He began moving his hands, cupping my breasts at first and then letting his fingers linger on my flat stomach. I could feel a fire in my body, and I was longing for him to take his hands a little lower. As if he were a mind reader, he slowly brought his fingers down and began to stroke me over my skirt. It felt so good he was rubbing in that simple, subtle way that shows that a guy knows exactly what he’s doing. I decided I couldn’t take it anymore - I had to have him.


The First Time I Masturbated

I masturbated for the first time in my parent’s hot tub. I came really hard and I was home alone so I just screamed. My first orgasm was definitely the best, it was so intense and I guess because it was new to me, I had to scream really loudly. It felt so good and I've had a few orgasms since then but I always wish that it could be a guy who does the work for me because my hands get tired.

This also happens to me a lot, but when I wake up all I want is to be touched and licked like really bad. It’s just something about waking up alone in a bed by yourself and feeling horny. I am soaking wet and alone. It’s just my hands and me now. I don’t need toys to get off - rubbing myself really does the job for me.

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