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Sex The Night Before Christmas Back to Blogs

December is my favorite month.  I love all of the decorations, wrapped presents, excitement from families, and the snow I get in my area before January.  I get so excited every fall about Christmas. Have you ever sneaked a peek at your Christmas presents? Depends, are you my Christmas present? ::wink:: I definitely have! I am so terrible for that. Let me also share a little secret I have about Christmas, I do fantasied about having sex the night before Christmas. Would you like to hear more?

The night before Christmas I pranced through the house. My breasts bouncing free in a lovely sheer blouse. High stockings of white lace, I chosen with care, and a tiny black skirt with no underwear! While visions of sex play now danced in our heads. Your cock kept on growing longer and fatter. Then I lifted my blouse to give you a flash, and teased you by tying your hands with a sash. The view of my breasts in that blouse white as snow, your hardness swell up in your tool down below. With my dark hard nipples so long and so thick, I could feel a moment the ache in your dick. More rapid than eagles erotic thoughts came, and I whistled, and shouted, and used each pet name: “You, Flasher! You, Dancer! You Prancer, You Vixen! Hey Comet and Cupid! My pussy needs some fixin!

We could fuck on the porch! Or the top of the wall! Let’s dash away, dash now and give it our all!”  So up in the house to my bedroom we flew. To my sack full of toys – I have quite a few! And then, in a twinkling, you raised to the roof. Our prancing and pawing, and that is no spoof. Then you thrust in your head, and shoved it around down deep in my chimney. I made a sweet sound. In my lovely white stockings and skirt black as soot. I searched through my toys with you flung me on my back, till I found the right one to pull from the pack.  My cunt lips like roses, my clit like a cherry! My droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, Waiting for me to give your hard cock a good blow.

The length of your rod I caressed with my teeth, then my lips encircled your head like a wreath. Then you rolled me over and onto my belly and lubed me up good with scented jelly. My cunt lips were plump; I am your sweet little elf. I could no longer keep holding myself. You pounded me hard as you lay on top of me. I spoke not a word, but you went straight to your work, and filled me with semen with each mighty jerk. Then you placed the vibrator on the spot where it goes and my orgasm spread from head to my toes. I loved it so greatly I gave a big scream and still you keep me filled with your giant hard missile.

I hope you enjoyed my dirty Christmas fantasy. I have a present for you! I made a very Naughty Christmas video that you would like. As I told you before, I am terrible with presents. To my surprise an early Christmas present was left under the tree for me and as I opened it, I could not help myself! Join my site and see what happened.....You won't be Disappointed!!!


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